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1 in 9 adults 45 years of age and older report memory loss.  People who experience depression, sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, diabetes, and women suffering from menopause also complain about having challenges with their memory.  Memory Fit has partnered with UCLA to raise awareness about memory decline and provide programs that improve memory and increase physical activity.  Our research has shown memory training and physical activity is the key to compensation for brain pathology.  The end result is reduction of the likelihood of developing dementia or Alzheimer's disease later in life.  

 More than 1/2 of individuals 45 and older who have reported memory loss have not participated in any program centered around memory.  Memory Fit offers 3 programs Memory-In-Training, Memory-For-Fitness, and Memory Boot Camp to decrease memory loss and increase memory recall.  Once Memory-In-Training and Memory-For-Fitness or Memory Boot Camp has been completed you are officially part of our Memory Family and can join Memory Lifestyle.  Our Memory Lifestyle Family not only participate in monthly booster sessions but they also learn a different way of living and looking at being an older adult.  


Michelle Thompson is the Executive Director and Principal Memory Trainer at Memory Fit. Michelle is also a licensed nurse with 20 years of experience working with older adults in rehab & long-term care communities.  In addition to a nursing degree, Michelle holds bachelor's degrees in Healthcare Administration and Management along with a Master's degree in Business Administration.  Michelle studied under UCLA Neuroscience Human Behaviors Specialist Dr. Linda Ercoli and UCLA Neuro Psychologist Dr. Karen Miller.  She is a Certified Brain Boot Camp Trainer, Certified Memory Fitness Trainer, Certified Memory Trainer, and Community Educator with the Alzheimer's Association.  Michelle also works closely with Physiatrist Dr. Eric Kim to provide an exercise program for participants that are safe and fun.   As the Principal Memory Trainer Michelle ensures that all Memory Trainers  (MT's) empower clients with all the knowledge and training they need to have a mind and body that endures with time.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide memory programs for adults 45 years of age & older to help them live their best life possible by keeping their memory intact and improving their physical activity .  We want you to reconsider how you look at aging and remember you are a person not a number.

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