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Mind & Body Programs


**Over 50 is the best half of your life.  

Let's keep it that way.** 

Complimentary Memory Assessments Every Month.  Call today to schedule your assessment.​

We have no control of getting older.  However, how we age is up to us!

Services Information 

Our Memory Training services are for adults who are proactive about their health and aging.  Memory Fit teaches adults a different way of looking at aging.  You will find a support group of individuals who desire for you to live your best life despite advancing in age.  Start your journey  to empowering yourself and your memory by becoming a member of Brain & Body Aerobics .

We encourage students to attend our Brain & Body Aerobics weekly to learn how to live their best life..

Memory Everyday Beginner's

Memory Foundation

Students will learn fun facts about their brain. Did you know we use 4 types of memory? In this course students will explore the 4 types and how we use them daily. PAV is a memory training strategy in which students will learn to pay help them remember. attention, make associations, and create visual images to  will help them remember. Students will also learn how to use the Picture Method, Grouping Method, Sentence & Link Method in regards to memory. Please visit our registration for courses page to register for an online memory training course.

Cost $25 for 1 hour 30 minutes via Zoom

Memory Fit Brain & Body Aerobics

Join today to learn strategies to help boost your memory.  After memory training strategy or learning health related topic students will participate in 45 minutes of aerobics.  The benefits of becoming a member is students exercise their body and brain, they attend social events, and learn about foods that promote brain and body health.  They become part of a support system designed to help them look and feel their best as they age.  $55/month

Memory In A Hurry

Participants in this intensive course learn the following strategies:

  • Basic techniques to respond to everyday memory challenges
  • Progressive techniques to memorize names and faces

  • Tips for a healthy heart and brain diet
  • Take home strategies, exercises, and assignments for continued progress

This program is a one day 3-hour intensive, interactive course designed for those with busy lifestyles and don't mind the challenge of learning in one day. This program can also be tailored for those with cognitive impairments.  Memory In A Hurry is a great program for 55+ Communities, Retirement Communities, Independent Living Communities, Church Senior Programs, and Senior Centers.  Call us today to learn how we can bring Memory In A Hurry to you! Please also check our events page to register for our next Memory In A Hurry.  Self investment $65

*pricing may vary a little based on location and state*

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