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Services Information 

Please select Memory-In-Training or Memory-For-Fitness which are introductory courses for becoming a Memory Lifestyle Member.  All of the events and programs in Memory Lifestyle are learning points from the memory courses.  You not only receive memory boosters in Memory Lifestyle but also ongoing practice of what you learned in the programs.  Participants in our programs see improvement that is sustained for 5 years or more depending on the degree of involvement with Memory Lifestyle and home practice.  If you are not sure which course you need to take please contact one of our Certified Memory Trainers and they will be happy to assist you.  We keep our memory courses affordable and have payment options available.  Call us today at 803-205-4006 to see how we can help you.


This program will focus on techniques that address the 4 most common memory complaints people experience in their daily lives:

  • Forgetting names and faces
  • Forgetting to do things in the future
  • Forgetting where you put things
  • “Tip of the Tongue” memory challenges

Memory-in-Training is a 4-week course 2 hours per week. This program is designed for people with normal age-related memory challenges. Participants take home skill builders, assignments, and a packet of information to help them put into practice what they learn.


This program focuses on the 4 brain healthy lifestyle strategies which researchers have found to lower the risk for dementia:

  • Physical conditioning
  • Stress reduction
  • Healthy diet
  • Mental exercise and cognitive training

Memory-for-fitness is a 6-week healthy lifestyle program 1-hour class twice weekly. This program is designed for people with normal aging or mild cognitive impairment and is adaptable for dementia patients. Participants receive a book, skill builders, and assignments to enhance their memory skills and increase their physical activity.  Participants also learn about foods that keep our brain healthy.

Memory Boot Camp:

Participants in this intensive course learn the following strategies:

  • Basic techniques to respond to everyday memory challenges
  • Progressive techniques to memorize names and faces

  • Tips for a healthy heart and brain diet
  • Take home strategies, exercises, and assignments for continued progress

This program is a one day 3-hour intensive, interactive course designed for those with busy lifestyles and don't mind the challenge of learning in one day. This program can also be tailored for those with cognitive impairments.  Memory Boot Camp is a great program for 55+ Communities, Retirement Communities, Independent Living Communities, Church Senior Programs, and Senior Centers.  Call us today to learn how we can bring Memory Boot Camp to you! Please also check our events page to register for our next Memory Boot Camp.

​Memory Lifestyle

Memory-In-Training and Memory-For-Fitness or Memory Boot Camp have to be completed in order to join Memory Lifestyle Club. The tools and skills learned in the courses will be used in all aspects of Memory Lifestyle. Memory Lifestyle provides additional support and education to help people over 50 live their best life. Memory Lifestyle Club is as follows:

  • Monthly Memory Booster sessions 
  • Active Body for Memory Classes
  • Monthly Memory Book Club
  • VIP Pass for special events
  • Program Discounts
  • Monthly Calendar of Events
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Quarterly social events

Memory Lifestyle is not for the young at heart but those want to live their best life no matter what age!

Alzheimer's/Dementia Training

As the population ages we will see more adults diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's disease.  Knowledge in working with this population is going to be crucial for healthcare workers and caregivers so this group of individuals have the compassionate care they deserve .  We offer classes to educate individuals on these disease processes and how to provide care to their loved ones at home or  healthcare workers in a community setting.  

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